At Grace, we are not perfect, but we try to live out 
the teachings of our faith.  James 2:26 tells us "For 
just as the body without the spirit is dead, so faith 
without works is also dead."  And, Jesus teaches 
that when it comes to ministering to the most basic 
human hurts and needs, "just as you did not do it to 
one of the least of these, you did not do it to me" 
(Matthew 25:45).

To faithfully follow Jesus, Grace is meeting the needs
of those around us as a vital part of who we are!

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In 2013, Grace gave away over $42,000 to support overseas medical care, missionaries, and numerous other ministry efforts.
Grace also support local ministries to those in need through the Panama City Rescue Mission, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, and direct assistance to those in need.

In addition Grace provided more than $30,000 in direct aid to local people in need, Grace provided over 32,000 meals through our food pantry, fed 150-200 people monthly at the Homeless Day Resource Center, and much more.  

At Grace we try not to simply talk about the difference Jesus makes in our lives, we try to live it!
In 2014, we have made a commitment to increase meaninful, practical, hands on ministry.  
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